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Trends Sony Walkman NWZ-E353

Sony E Series Walkman (NWZ-E353) MP3 player is very reasonably priced. Not only do you get 4GB of storage, a 2-inch screen, and photo and video support, but for far less than the new Apple iPod nano ($149; 8GB, 2.5 stars), which has a smaller 1.54-inch screen and offers no video support at all. Sony could have stopped there and had a modest-but-cheap product on its hands, and that's what the company did. The Archos 3cam vision ($99; 8GB, 3.5 stars) has a video recorder and Samsung's YP-R0 ($99.99; 8GB, 3.5 stars) has a better user interface and earphones than your average budget player, but the E Series is no-frills device. It's works well, but is a bit boring when compared with other low-price players.

Storage Capacity (as Tested)
4 GB
Player Type
Flash MP3 Player
Music Playback Formats
AAC, MP3, WMA, Protected WMA
Photo formats
Video Formats
3.7 x 1.75 x 0.4 inches Design and Features
Sony's E Series NWZ-E353 comes in blue, black…