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Finepix Real 3D W3 From Fujifilm

The $499.95 Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W3 is a true 3D camera—it packs two lenses and two image sensors into a pocket-friendly build. The W3 snaps large 10-megapixel 3D images, and shoots 3D video in 720p24 high-definition that you can view in 3D on the camera's LCD, or on a 3D HDTV or a 3D-enabled PC. With the touch of a button, the W3 also becomes a capable (though expensive and somewhat bulky) 2D camera. The W3 is not a difficult camera to operate, but shooting photos that look good in 3D can be challenging. Not every image you shoot is going to look good in 3D—in fact, most images I shot during testing were very difficult to view, and some actually hurt my eyes to look at.

10 MP
Media Format
Secure Digital High Capacity
35-mm Equivalent (Wide)
35-mm Equivalent (Telephoto)
Optical Zoom
3 x
LCD size
3.5 inches
Wireless Connectivity
HD Video Capture
Yes Design and Features
Other than the two lenses, the camera looks like an ordinary 2D camera.…